What lies beyond sustainability?

There is a sustainability backlash going on. In Australia, it is obvious and in your face. You can see it in the Abbott Government’s attempts to dismantle anything at all that might help to tackle climate change. You can see it, also, in State Government efforts to dismantle “green tape”, an insidious term that paints […]

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Back to reality

I’ve just enjoyed a month off, spending time with my family and camping in some beautiful places on the South Coast of NSW – Jervis Bay and Bendalong. It was a real break, where I tried not to think too much about things like climate change and sustainability and avoided most media. We patted the […]

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The power of story

Over the last day and a half, I participated in a leadership workshop that made excellent use of story and narrative to engage participants and embed learning. The workshop employed actors to role play common scenarios you might come across as a university manager, and their portrayals were amazingly realistic. We observed and were then […]

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Climate of the Nation

When you follow the state of public debate on climate change in Australia closely, like I do, it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook. When Kevin Rudd came to power in 2007, one of the factors in his victory was a wave of public concern about climate change. His first act as Prime […]

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The story of change

A few years ago, Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios put together a video called the Story of Stuff that went viral. You can watch it below. It’s all about the hidden underside of our production and consumption patterns. She went on to establish the Story of Stuff Project. Since then, there have been several […]

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