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Confronting our consumerism – values for a sustainable future

Human consumption and economic growth are putting increased pressure on the Earth; our actions and policies are leading to climate disruption, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.

We also know that consumption and economic growth do not bring happiness. How can we bring about cultural change to deliver genuine human wellbeing?

On 9th October, I will be part of a public lecture and panel discussion that confronts the contribution of consumer culture to the world’s environmental and social challenges. It examines how human values underpin these challenges, and how we can work with values to find pathways towards sustainable futures.

DATE:  Thursday 9 October, 2014

TIME:  6:30pm

VENUE: UTS Building 11, level 00, room 405 (13 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007)

RSVP: Register online now

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Transformation for sustainable futures

Everywhere I turn, sustainability researchers are talking about transformation. Is it just a new buzzword, or does it add something to the discourse about a sustainable future on this planet? This post explores the emerging discourse of transformation for sustainable futures. Who is talking about… Read More