UEA Broad, Norwich
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Forgetting the wild

A run in the Broads

This morning I ran through a beautiful English wood beside a deep lake known as the Broad. I’m at the University of East Anglia in Norfolk, England for a conference. The early morning mist rose off the Broad, disturbed only by cruising ducks. Rabbits and small birds scattered at the pounding of my feet. Everything was green and dappled in the new sunlight. I came away refreshed and energised, marvelling once again at the way time in nature can reset and recharge me.

Back in my room, I did a bit of research about the Broad and discovered that it is one of many Broads in this part of England. The Broads are shallow lakes created by peat mining during medieval times. Over the centuries water levels rose, the peat diggings became flooded and by the 14th century they were abandoned. The Broad at the University of East Anglia is a bit different, because it was created by quarrying.

So my experience with wild nature this morning was not what it seemed. The Broad that so impressed me this morning was not natural at all, but something created by humans. The question I’ve been pondering since discovering this was, does it matter? Read More

Our possum in its house

Living with wildlife

Thump! I startle out of a deep sleep, adrenaline surging into my body. What was that? Thump! It’s coming from the roof. Is there someone in our roof? No, it’s that damn possum again. I love living with wildlife. Our 800 square metre block provides… Read More

Sydney Foresight Community of Practice

What makes a community of practice?

Last night, the Sydney Foresight Community of Practice held its first meeting for the year. This community of practice is an idea cooked up by Hugh Pattinson, Tim Mansfield and myself as a way of bringing Sydney people together who work in some way on… Read More