Our possum in its house
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Living with wildlife

Thump! I startle out of a deep sleep, adrenaline surging into my body. What was that?

Thump! It’s coming from the roof. Is there someone in our roof? No, it’s that damn possum again.

I love living with wildlife. Our 800 square metre block provides habitat for a diverse menagerie of possums, bandicoots, blue-tongued lizards, golden-crowned snakes, water dragons and many different species of birds and insects. My daughter calls them our ‘wild pets’. They make our home a more vibrant and interesting place and help us to feel connected to the ecosystem in which we live. I really love having them around.

But I was almost ready to kill that possum. Read More

Sydney Foresight Community of Practice

What makes a community of practice?

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Morality develops

The morality of climate change

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What lies beyond sustainability?

What lies beyond sustainability?

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