Transformative leadership
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What does it take to be a transformative leader?

Last week, I wrote about a new discourse calling for transformative pathways to sustainable futures. The transformation discourse draws attention to the scale and breadth of the challenges we face in building a sustainable human civilisation and argues for action that goes beyond incremental reform.

Leading this kind of transformation requires capacities that are not always well developed through existing educational systems. I’ve been thinking a lot about what these capacities might be. In this post, I identify nine capacities that I think transformative leaders need to cultivate. Do you agree or disagree? Can you think of others? Read More

Rows Of Butterfly Cocoons

Transformation for sustainable futures

Everywhere I turn, sustainability researchers are talking about transformation. Is it just a new buzzword, or does it add something to the discourse about a sustainable future on this planet? This post explores the emerging discourse of transformation for sustainable futures. Who is talking about… Read More

UEA Broad, Norwich

Forgetting the wild

A run in the Broads This morning I ran through a beautiful English wood beside a deep lake known as the Broad. I’m at the University of East Anglia in Norfolk, England for a conference. The early morning mist rose off the Broad, disturbed only… Read More