EcoArts Australis Conference

Earlier this week, I attended a stimulating event – the EcoArts Australis Conference, held in Wollongong. EcoArts Australis is a new organisation based in Wollongong that aims to bring together environmental and arts practitioners to use the arts in creative ways to promote sustainability. The conference was their first significant event. EcoArts Australis formed when […]

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Chris Jordan’s message from the gyre

I’ve been an admirer of Chris Jordan’s digital photographic art for several years now. His Running the Numbers series paints an unflattering portrait of American and global consumer culture that presents environmental messages in a fresh light. He creates images using repetition of familiar consumer items and waste, typically with an ironic twist. For example, below […]

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The ethics of climate change

Last night at the Australian Museum, Clive Hamilton gave a blistering speech on the ethics of climate change. Hamilton has little time for those who deny the scientific evidence of climate change. In a particularly memorable part of his speech, he said that: To turn away from enormous suffering in order to avoid having to re-examine […]

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How will we treat Mars?

I’m a big fan of science fiction. Star Wars was released when I was five years old. My parents took me to see it at the old drive-in cinema (yes kids, there used to be drive-in cinemas). From the moment I saw it, I was hooked. Movies like Star Wars and Bladerunner and TV shows […]

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