Moving Planet – 350 day of action on 24 September

The 350 movement has put together this video for its next global day of action on 24 September. Previous 350 days of action have brought together many thousands of people around the world to call for climate action and demonstrate better futures.

This year, the theme is about moving the planet beyond fossil fuels. Bill McKibben’s invitation to action is here. He says:

On 24 September we’ll be figuring out the most meaningful ways to make the climate message move, literally. We’ll show that we can use our hands, our feet, and our hearts to spur real change. In many places, people will ride bicycles, one of the few tools used by both affluent and poor people around the world. Other places people will be marching, dancing, running, or kayaking, or skateboarding. Imagine the spectacle: thousands of people encircling national capitals, state houses, city halls.
But we won’t just be cycling or marching–we’ll also be delivering a strong set of demands that can have real political impact.

There’s more information here, and you can find an event or create a new event. There’s not many in Australia yet, so we need to get our thinking caps on. I’m thinking about a family cycle along the bike path from Thirroul to Wollongong. Anyone interested?

Are there any other great ideas out there?

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