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Euan builds a dam in the Shoalhaven River

On kids and camping

I have just come back from an energising Easter camping trip to Coolendel, on the banks of the Shoalhaven River, a couple of hours south of Sydney. Coolendel is a beautiful place, hidden away at the end of a long and deeply potholed dirt track. There are no allocated camping sites – you just choose a spot under the trees and set up. In the evenings, wombats, wallabies and possums come to visit and (strangely) there is a resident flock of peacocks. It’s an idyllic setting, where you can experience the Australian bush and the many moods of the Shoalhaven River. I was tired and stressed at the start of the trip but the experience of ‘being in nature’ allowed me to relax and recharge. It never ceases to amaze me how the rhythms of nature begin to work on you after a day or two of camping. You stop worrying about what time it is and take your cues from the light. You rise early and go to bed early. You choose your activities …