Collaborative consumption in Australia

This is a list of collaborative consumption initiatives that are available in Australia, particularly ones that contribute to sustainability in some way. Get in touch if you’ve got any to add to the list.

Product service systems

Redistribution markets

  • Gumtree – online marketplace
  • Freecycle – gifting and reuse
  • Freally – gifting and reuse
  • Clothing Exchange – clothing swaps online and through physical events
  • Garage Sale Trail – coordinated garage sales
  • Ziilch – gifting and reuse
  • eBay – online marketplace
  • Craigslist – online classifieds
  • Gomi – help others find stuff they need on the street
  • Givit – matching those in need with those willing to give
  • Tushare – peer-to-peer giving and reuse
  • Hireoo – event hire marketplace
  • Modsie – secondhand luxury marketplace
  • RipeNearMe – sharing local food harvests.

Collaborative lifestyles

Credits: Photo by avlxyz under Creative Commons licence.


  1. Hi there, just wondering if you want to include in your list of collaborative consumption websites. is Australia’s biggest ride sharing site.


  2. Wow, quite a long list of great alternatives to buy buy. Lots of research to follow for me!!
    Thank you , I will make sure friends know about it, spread the word!


  3. Amy says

    Update: BorrOZ – neighbourhood scale borrowing AND
    Swap it Baby – swap baby-related goods…
    Do not seem to be up and running anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amy – yes, both of those have shut down, so I’ve removed them. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.


  4. Definitely a thorough list! One more to add would be – a community marketplace for parking (garages, driveways etc). Nice work Chris.


  5. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many options to save money and the planet.
    I belong to an online yahoo group of recyclers. The only condition is that it is all given for free! freecycle_sydneycentral. They also have other freecyclers in other suburbs.
    Thank You!


  6. Good list Chris – also worth noting: Peer-to-Peer lender SocietyOne is Australia’s only active and first fully compliant P2P lender where creditworthy borrowers looking for better rates are connected directly with investors looking for better returns.


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  11. Tom LeGrice says

    HI Chris – I run, peer to peer pet sitting & boarding. Thanks for compiling a great list!


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  13. Hi Chris,

    I work with The Clothing Exchange and we’ve gone online now, too. We’d love it if you could update your list to mention that people can swap from the comfort of their homes!




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  16. We would be happy to be featured in your list🙂 – is a collaborative house-sitting platform, totally in the spirit of the sharing economy – and we established our headquarters in Sydney – this Franco-Aussie story is explained on our website🙂


  17. Hi Chris — if you’re updating the list, could you please add Eat With Me ( It’s a great way for people to meet up over something (mostly) everyone likes to do: eat!


  18. Hey Chris,

    We would love to have added. It is a hire marketplace for event equipment & services.

    Thank You !


  19. hi great article,
    I have recently come across a new site called Stoways ( It is a peer to peer shared platform for storage. They connect those with unused storage space and connect them with those in need of extra storage space.


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  21. Martin says

    In my experience, Drive My Car Rentals do not return phone calls, which is a shame because they seem to have a good business model.


    • Marvin says

      Martin – I find that hard to believe. I’ve used Drive My Car several time now and they seem to follow up generally same business day. If they a re busy it may be the day after. I just wish they also did shorter term rentals as well. But they are great if you want a car for at least 1 week.


  22. Great to see all of this consolidated in one list. The new revolutionary sharing economy enterprise is that pays people up to $1800 per year to advertise on their car rear window. Businesses in return get a cost effective, scalable, geographically focused and highly visible way to promote their brand and message to the community. The car owner then has an option to donate some of that money back to charity and receive a tax deductible donation receipt in return. Seems pretty easy and good for the community, good for car owners, good for business and good for charity.


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  27. When I followed the YeeHire link, it went to a ‘New Recruitment website – Coming Soon’ page. I also had problems with the Kodocity and Freegler links, the former advertising website services and the latter reporting a server error.

    Is this just me?


    • Hello EJ. Not just you – looks like those three sites are down and most likely defunct. The sharing economy is still a very dynamic place with lots of ventures starting up and some of them not taking off. It looks like those three haven’t proceeded. I’ve taken them down.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  28. Jen OCallaghan says

    Hi there – does anyone know the name of app offering fresh produce direct from home gardens in Melb – read about it ages ago, but too brain dead to remember name? Thanks Jen


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  30. Please add Carhood
    A car sharing service at the airports. They offer free airport parking, a free car detail and you make money sharing your vehicle out whilst you are away.
    Did you know airport parking in Australia is some of the most expensive in the world!!


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