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The story of change

A few years ago, Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios put together a video called the Story of Stuff that went viral. You can watch it below. It’s all about the hidden underside of our production and consumption patterns.

She went on to establish the Story of Stuff Project. Since then, there have been several follow up videos. I’ve posted about the Story of Cap and Trade here before. The latest video is called the Story of Change. Check it out below.

I like this one. It sets out a three step program for creating change that is simple yet powerful. First, you need to have a big idea. Something like 100% renewable energy would fit the bill. Second, you need to collaborate. Change needs lots of people working together – we, instead of I. Third, you need to take action. Lots of people might believe something should change but it will stay the same unless they take responsibility and do something about it. Simple huh? The trick is to put it into practice.

There’s an interesting bit at the end that recognises that making change needs lots of different kind of skills. When the video ends, you can take a quiz to find out what kind of changemaker you are. To my great surprise, I came out as a Builder. Since I work as a researcher, I was fully expecting to be an Investigator. Interesting.

What kind of changemaker are you?

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I am an Associate Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney, where I work to create change towards sustainable futures. I live in Thirroul, Australia with my wife Danielle and kids Euan and Nina.

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